Daum Nancy Vases

Daum Nancy Vases What Makes Them A Collector’s Dream

Dans_La_Riviere_Glass_Vase_By_DaumDaum Nancy Vases come from the house of Daum in Nancy, France. They are vintage collectible art objects proudly owned and lovingly gift. Daum Nancy Vases are living embodiment of the excellence of art nouveau and art deco. The legacy started in 1878 when Jean Daum took over an old glass factory in Nancy, France. This is why sometimes Daum creations are also referred as Daum Nancy. Jacques Gruber is the artist behind many of the Daum Nancy Vases. Natural motifs were used to produce acid-etched vases in lead crystal glass. Motifs like birds, flowers, foliage, and trees were enameled.

Daum has blended the legacy craftsmanship with the modern techniques to present excellent vases one after the other. One of the trademark techniques is pate de verre. This unique method employs firing of the piece on a glass paste applied over the mold surface. Precision, exact location and intensity of colors can be controlled to an unimaginable limit using this method. The result is the crystal and art glass creations that are far unmatched by any competitor.

Signed Daum Nancy Art Glass 5 Vase Possible Reproduction
Time Remaining: 1d 17h 53m
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Time Remaining: 22d 21h 58m
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Daum Nancy vase NO RESERVE
$610.00 (16 Bids)
Time Remaining: 2d 6h 55m
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Authentic Antique c1900 Small Signed DAUM NANCY ENAMELED Glass Cabinet Vase
Time Remaining: 7d 17h 31m
Buy It Now for only: $1,800.00
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French Fine Daum Nancy Miniature Vase Cameo Glass Art Flowers France circa 1930s
$69.99 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 3d 12h 36m
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Daum Nancy French Cameo Glass Vase Forest Water Landscape Scenic Signed
Time Remaining: 4d 7h
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Daum Nancy George de Feure Art Deco Pate de Verres Art Glass Vase
Time Remaining: 28d 8h 10m
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VINTAGE Daum Crystal Bud Vase Perfume Bottle 3 1 4 Sticker still attached
Time Remaining: 5d 5h 34m
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Time Remaining: 19d 3h 23m
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$1,624.99 (11 Bids)
Time Remaining: 5d 8h 5m
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Rare French Art Deco Pate De Verre Daum Lorrain Bud Stick Vase 1925 1934
Time Remaining: 6d 16h 56m
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Large DAUM France Clear Sculptural Art Glass Vase Vintage c1950s
Time Remaining: 28d 6h 10m
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Rare French Art Deco Pate De Verre Daum Nancy Bud Stick Vase Circa 1920 3 DAYS
Time Remaining: 6d 16h 59m
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Daum Ultraviolet Pate de Verre Crystal Tulip Vase 6 1 2 Tall Signed 80 NIB
Time Remaining: 5d 21h 16m
Buy It Now for only: $849.99
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Rare Early Daum Nancy Satin Enamel Decorated Art Glass Vase Circa 1890
Time Remaining: 6d 23h 5m
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Time Remaining: 2d 2h 48m
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Beautiful Signed Daum Pate De Verre Daffodil Flower Relief Vase 7 inches Tall
Time Remaining: 7d 10h 34m
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French Antique Daum Nancy Ashtray Cameo Glass Hand Painting Flowers France 30s
Time Remaining: 3d 12h 36m
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Monumental A Delatte Nancy Acid Etched French Cameo Vase Daum Galle Era
$800.00 (10 Bids)
Time Remaining: 3d 22h 24m
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Daum mini vase Bacchus Amethyste 01477
Time Remaining: 1d 20h 52m
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Daum Nancy Vases are handmade art objects

As such, no two Daum Nancy Vases are created the same. They play in front of you an extravaganza of colors. An impeccable attention to details, minute contouring, and color intensity makes these vases glow with color and light. The ultraviolet vase, for example, changes colors with different density of light.

The variety of colors, motifs, size, and design of Daum Nancy Vases is vast. There are small, medium, large, or extra large vases to please your artistic senses. From a bird and foliage enameled on an acid cutback glass to a monumental cameo footed vase, there is a bargain for every art lover under any budget constraint. You can purchase Daum Nancy Vases from online portals, gift shops, antique shops, and dealers of these vases.

Since it is a vintage collectible item, the price tag can be a hefty one. Besides, the authenticity of the object itself, you must ascertain the reliability of seller as well. There is an easy way to spot the genuine Daum Nancy Vases.

All Daum Nancy Vases are signed as Daum France and the Cross of Lorraine – with the word Daum above the cross and Nancy below the cross. A vase that is not signed as such is probably a replica. Price of a Daum vase can range anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. The price an item can fetch largely depends upon the intensity of colors, the era it was produced in, and the design details it carries. Bid for a vase can be affected by a crack, chip, scratch, repair, or damage to the vase.

Collecting Daum Nancy Vases is a passion. Just like any other passion, you do it for your own self and not for the eyes of the beholders. However, it is equally true that these vases are a priceless addition to any décor. The marvel of color and design is a treat to watch for an art lover. With the legacy and the contemporary glass works, Daum Nancy Vases enchant millions of enthusiasts around the globe.

Daum Nancy Vases at low prices

Jacques Gruber, French plastic artist, painter and glass-maker, born on January 25, 1870 in Sundhausen (Germany) carried out decorations of Daum Nancy Vases.



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